Newport Beach Experts in Home Rewiring

We can do a home rewiring for your older Newport Beach home and we do it better than anyone else. We are the best here at My Newport Beach Electrician Hero and have been providing the best house rewire jobs for residents for more than 30 years. We are the number one licensed electrician in Newport Beach, CA, and we are now experts in residential wiring and home rewiring. We can remove old wiring and install brand new wiring and electrical sockets fast and reliably.

Why do we need to get a home rewiring?

Old wiring just cannot handle the load that is required by today’s appliances and electrical devices. That is just a fact. Old aluminum wiring and cloth-wrapped Romex wiring or ceramic based knob and tube wiring break down, fall apart, and burst into flames  when you attempt to power modern appliances with them. Those fires can start behind the walls of your Newport Beach home and it can be devastating. House rewire jobs are not meant to be taken lightly and not meant to be done by amateurs.

Why call you?

We are the best. We have been doing home rewiring jobs with honest, friendly, knowledgeable and dependable electrical contractors for more than three decades. We know how to do a home rewiring job that does not require you to move out of the home for days. It can take a couple of days, but we work one room at a time, removing the need to shut off the power and we work behind the walls to remove and install the wiring so that you we don’t have to tear down the walls.

Sounds good, how much and how long?

All of that can be answered by calling us today and asking for a free estimate. Costs and time depend on the size of your home and the amount of wiring. Most house rewire jobs take a few days, but it can last a few weeks.

What’s first?

First, call us and tell us that you need a home wiring in Newport Beach, CA. We’ll get there fast and get you a fast free estimate. We can take it from there. Call today!